John J. Steuby Company



Manufacturer of Precision Machine Parts and Assemblies



John J. Steuby Company is a family owned and operated manufacturing company, specializing in precision machined metal products for the automotive, appliance, bearing, ordinance, hydraulic, plumbing, hardware, and commercial fitting industries. Founded in 1962 with only two screw machines, the company now owns and operates Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines, 22 Hydromates, 12 CNC Machines, 19 Brown & Sharp Machines, and an extensive Secondary Operations Department.

Our mission: to produce an increasing quantity of quality turned parts to the satisfaction of all our customers, at a reasonable profit that will assure growth, excellence, and continuity for the betterment of our employees, the community and the society in which we operate.

John J. Steuby is one of the largest and most diversified plants in the Midwest. Our central U.S. location is ideal for receiving raw material and shipping finished product to every major area of the country. In our 144,ooo square foot facility, we have the capacity to produce any product you require whether it be a long , medium or short run at a highly competitive price. Because we have extensive capabilities, we can produce difficult items made out of almost any material in small or large quantities.

6002 North Lindbergh Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63042

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